Say hey, Mr Redundant

I was honestly having a really bad tuesday. Hoping to end it in a better way and lift the mood up, I went outside to go to my favorite coffee shop in town, even though it was raining. Fifteen minutes away. I would be wet, for sure, but coffee always makes me feel better on those days.

Headphones in, I was focused on my ongoing thoughts, not giving a single crap about the world around me. Why would I ?

But then, at the second crossing, I heard some noise. Some happy noise. I raised my head to see what that sound was from, and I must say I was surprised. Despite the rain, a band was playing in the street. They seemed to be deeply happy about the situation. Like they were not paying attention to the weather, they were just glad about playing their songs to passers-by, glad they could have the chance to do what they enjoyed.

I stopped briefly to listen to them. They had this special aura. They were the kind of people to bring a smile onto everybody’s face, no matter what. I did not espace this phenomenon, oh no. I immediatly started to smile, not really knowing why. But they brought warmth in my heart that day, for sure.

When looking around me, I noticed a small group of people gathered around those singing guys, and then, I noticed him. We crossed sight and he did not let go of my eyes. I could not look away. He had deep blue eyes, shining eyes that just invite you to get lost in them. He smiled at me confidently. I have to admit that at this moment, the rythm of the music started to resonate in me.

And then, out of nowhere, he held out his right hand to me, as if he was inviting me to do something. It took me a hot second to understand what he wanted, I must admit, but he was asking me to dance with him.

Carried away by the ambient joy, I took a step forward, not giving a second thought to it. He was stil smiling as he took my hand in his and started swinging.

I have to tell you this moment what kind of magic. The type you only see in movies. The type that doesn’t happen in real life. It’s like we were just the two of us, in the middle of this street, dancing like crazy, under the rain. Two ecstatics souls. Two ecstatics kids in need of an escape from the real world, even for a brief second.

My day immediatly got better. This lasted at most five minutes and a half, but it created an everlasting memory in my mind. But then, not like in your typical teen romance, both our paths have parted. I saw him leave at the end of the song after whispering « thank you » to me, not even looking back. Slightly disappointed, I started walking towards the coffee shop I was going for at first, and I never heard of him again.

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